Megas Oenos

The great wine

Megas Oenos was launched in 1986, being the first Agiorgitiko-Cabernet Sauvignon blend ever released in Greece.

As a game-changer, Megas Oenos placed the Domaine Skouras and the Peloponnese on the wine map of the country at that time, as well as on the lips of people looking for quality wine. It needs at least 5 years of rest in the bottle to begin to 'bloom' and can withstand aging for over 20 years.

The vineyards are located in Nemea at an altitude of 550m to 650m. Responsible for the 'DNA Megas Oinos' are the mountain vineyards of the Domaine, as they present a uniform soil profile with predominant clay and gravel at a depth of 10 cm.


In 2001, George Skouras filled a French foudre barrel (1000 litres) for the first time with the final blend of the 1999 Megas Oenos.

Since then, every year, a quantity is removed from the barrel. Its place is taken by the next harvest of the Megas Oenos. Thus creating a blend of continuous harvests, unique in its kind. The amount removed is bottled under the Labyrinth name. Producing a limited number of bottles each year.

The Labyrinth results from an approach to the Spanish method of Solera. Essentially in the same barrel every year a part of the new harvest comes to be added to a mixture of the previous and consecutive vintages of the Megas Oenos.

Labyrinth Label

Each new bottling of the Megas Oenos has on it a number indicating all the years contained in that bottle. The first two digits are always 99 referring to the first year in the blend in 1999. The last two digits refer to the last vintage in the blend. For example, if the label has 9920 the 20 refers to 2020. So in this bottle the blend consists of all the years of the Megas Oenos from 1999 to 2020!

2021 Labyrinth Anniversary Bottling

Domaine Skouras, honoring and celebrating 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821, created an anniversary bottling inspired by the Labyrinth, where 21 consecutive years of Labyrinth were bottled.

A special Labyrinth, in a limited number of bottles where the 21 years, aged in ideal conditions, are ready to honor, give breath, inspire, release the taste of patience, Revolution, Freedom. The bottles were auctioned off for charity and all proceeds were donated to support the causes of the Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door.