"SKOURAS O.A.E" receives grapes, processes, produces and markets wines (white, red, rosé) in accordance with the applicable national and international standards of quality, hygiene and safety, with respect and responsibility towards the consumer.
The basic principle and commitment of "SKOURAS O.A.E", as well as the philosophy of each of its executives, is to provide its customers with products that fully cover their contractual requirements (including potential sensitive users), to comply with the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements for wines (including the recommendations of the competent authorities) but also the bilaterally agreed customer requirements for food safety and achieve the measurable objectives it sets.
Absolute customer satisfaction is a vital element of its sustainability.
In order to achieve the above, the Management of "SKOURAS O.A.E" has adopted a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 and a Safety Management System (QMS). AT) according to the International Standard ISO 22000:2018, ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 and the additional requirements of FSSC 22000 (Version 5.1).
The above systems are applied throughout the company for all the above activities of the unit in Malandreni Argos.

It continuously reviews and improves the features of its products, where possible, as well as the efficiency of its Processes.
Establishes, implements and maintains effective external communication
It systematically invests in modern building infrastructure, production equipment and quality control equipment.
Sets measurable Objective Objectives (Goals) for Food Quality & Safety at the corporate level, at the functional level of Departments and/or Processes. These Goals are established and evaluated in terms of their degree of achievement in the context of the Review of the S.D.P. & S.D.A.T. from the Top Management.
It also provides the necessary resources for the smooth, efficient and effective operation of each Department.
It invests in the continuous training, information and education of its executives in order to promote Food Quality & Safety in all their activities.
It monitors, measures and evaluates the critical parameters of its Processes to ensure Quality, Food Safety and customer satisfaction.
Communicated, implemented and adhered to at all levels of the business and reviewed.
A necessary condition for the implementation of the above we consider their understanding and application by all the company's human resources, which we achieve through the establishment of clear communication and training processes, making available in any case the necessary resources for their implementation. Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, "SKOURAS O.A.E" recognizes and rewards teamwork as well as individual effort, invests in people and respects the customer.
To the above we finally come to add the knowledge of the necessity to learn from any mistakes we make and to systematically make sure they are not repeated, by creating an appropriate prevention framework where this is possible.

G. SKOURAS 09-12-2021