In the heart of the Peloponnese is the wine-growing PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) zone of Mantineia, which was established in 1971, with the main variety of the area being the red Moscofilero.

Mantineia is located north of Tripoli (Arcadia) and is on a plateau surrounded by mountains that reach up to 650 meters.

It is one of the coldest regions in Greece, as a result of which the low temperatures lead to a late harvest until the middle of October. This favors the development of aromas with an exotic character and intense acidity.


Moscofilero is a red grape variety grown mainly in Arcadia, in the Mantinea PDO zone.

The color of the wines is pale lemon with some gray highlights resulting from the color of the variety. It is aromatic and floral but also very fresh and crisp, a difficult combination. Despite being a pink grape, the majority of wines produced are white.

The main flavor characteristics of the strain are rose petals, jasmine, lemon blossom, orange peel, spicy spice and even some minerality.